How to protect yourself against cyber risks?

CG Ciber Seguros seek the advice of IT professionals and lawyers specialised in cyber risks, in order to establish your own safety baseline by focusing on training your team and taking steps to establish a safety baseline


Cybersecurity is built by all team members, therefore consciousness-raising among users is critical. We, at cgciberseguros, want to provide you with free online courses so every staff member comprehends basic concepts in relation to cybersecurity and at the same time save yourself up to a 20% in the amount of the cyber insurance premium

We advise you with real and effective measures

We advises you with computer professionals and lawyers specialists in cyber risks to establish a baseline of own security

Have a systems inventory

Get AV software

Constant update of both patches and versions

Make backup copies regularly

When it comes to electronic e-mail, install email filtering system, encryption of information-related systems and identity verification services

Use at least 8-character passwords, as well as change them every 3 months, lockout tool on the fifth try, combination of both capital letters and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks

Website-wise, only that which is strictly necessary should be published. Conduct hack-proof tests, apply security templates, protect private networks…

Be aware of Civil Liability that may derive from cyber exposure and know the demands established in regulation (EU) 2016/679 on data protection and privacy as well as the need to notify third parties affected by privacy violation and financial penalties imposed by Data Protection Authorities

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